This application allows a site superuser (or some staff user authorized for the action) to disguise into an arbitrary user without knowing its password and without losing the original session.


  • work on each page
  • user_sign_in signal ignore
  • solid interface
  • handy configurable widget
  • customized permission checker
  • easy to extend with working with ajax or websocket

BTW, why “disguise”?

Have you ever play in Team Fortress? If so, perhaps, I should not answer the question, you’ve already got it. If you haven’t, well, will try to explain.

Team Fortress is a first-person role shooter. Role means you can choose one of a few user classes having own abilities, e.g.

  • Medic can repair damages,
  • Scout runs so fast
  • Sniper has a rifle…

Also, there is a wonderful player class called Spy, who has the ability to take the shape of any other class. Everybody sees a running blue scout while actually it’s a Red Spy.

You can view a short movie, it’s quite funny.

So, this skill called disguise. And I found this application makes a site superuser into a spy who can acts like a regular user, even without knowing the password.